Chimera - Bloc Missions - Tier VII to Tier X

Vehicles From Germany and Japan (complete these is one battle)

Bloc-1. Just Routine




















Take out your biggest hitting or high dpm tanks. Its all about keeping your gun in the game and farming as much damage as possible. If you are going to play with big hitting TD's, locate yourself based on the map to support your assaulting allies but sat far back enough not to take damage-use your render circles on the minimap. For all the TD's in the T8+ line try and aim to hit at least 10 full alpha shots, unless using the 15cm on the borsig or WTpz4. If using the Grille 15 then look for 7 and for the JPZE100 look for 6. The other option would be to brawl it out with the T9 and T10 HT's. However the new revamped Leopard is now a viable option too.

Bloc-2. Hit It to the Bone




















From the start, make sure you equip premium repair kit and premium first aid kit (if you want this with honours). One of the easiest ways to do this mission is with SPG's. Just remember you have to do the 2k damage as part of the primary conditions. If you are happy with hitting weak spots for crew and modules, then crack on otherwise spamming HE is a viable option. Keep an eye on the mission HUD to keep you on track, then once its done concentrate on getting the 2k damage. Once the battle is done, and you are happy that you will survive, use your consumables to fix anything broken.

Recommended Tanks

Type 4 and Type 5

German T8+ TD's and SPG's, E100


Bloc-3. At Point-blank Range




















Bloc-4. I Can See Everything





















Bloc-5. Lucky to be Alive






















Bloc-6. Offensive Reconnaissance





















Bloc-7. Getting Away With Murder






















Bloc-8. Catching Fire






















Bloc-9. There is no time to bleed





















Bloc-10. Like a Boss























Bloc-11. The Thrill of the Hunt




















Bloc-12. The Dominator





















Bloc-13. The Collector





















Bloc-14. Heavy Case





















Bloc-15. Night of a Hunter