Fugly Fire Power, New T8 RU Prem TD

From the 27th of April, the T-103 Russian Tier 8, Premium Tank Destroyer T-103 will be available from the (EU) premium shop. That's right another Russian prem tank, as we all whoop for joy. But is it OP? Is it worth the money? I'll give you a run down of the stats etc so you can make up your own opinions. First impressions for me was, man this thing is FUGLY!! Its like a KV-3 and a KV-5 had some sexy time and this was spawned. It was actually developed on the basis of the experimental T-100 heavy tank. It was built with the intention of neutralizing fortified emplacements and also for coastal defense. However the work on the project was discontinued at the blueprint stage and never entered s

The SPG Line Changes - More Nerfs My Thoughts

Now I have seen a number of articles and videos regarding the 'changes' to the SPG class in the up coming patch. QB shows these changes well and with out a doubt it is a full Nerf to the class. Now, the changes to the mechanics I don't have a problem with-less stun and less damage the further away the shot lands, that's common sense. Even the reduction in stun time due to multiple stuns I am fine with, as well as the effectiveness of a spall liner. However what I have an issue with is-there is NO COMPENSATION TO THE CLASS TO BALANCE THESE CHANGES! This in my opinion is an over Nerf and renders the class even less effective in it's support role now. Each class has it's strengths compensated

Spring Marathon Announced On the 5th of April you will have a chance to 'win' the latest tier 8 premium, American Tank Destroyer. The TS-5. This can be received by way of a 10 stage marathon, as in the past where they have been awarded before. 10 stages either by commitment or mastery which give 10% discount each time a stage is complete, or you can buy it outright. Good luck in your plight to obtain this tank, should you choose to take in on!! Mission Conditions
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