Make Way to British Light Tanks!

Going Onto the Supertest!! It’s only a matter of days that British high-tier light tanks will crash into World of Tanks, with stealth and surprise being their element. As you know, all high-tier light tanks are born scouts. But the role can be played differently. As for the British, they do it by leveraging their small dimensions, a good view range and outstanding guns. So, the very combination gives you a clear clue how to use these vehicles to the best result: nothing is better than to recon the enemy’s position while firing them from the least expected places. Let’s take a closer look at the newcomers! New Vehicles All in all, four vehicles will be added to the British Tech Tree, all rese

Frontline Mode Main Prize Tank Announced!!

Onto the Supertest: a Tier IX American Heavy, the AE Phase I The main prize of the Frontline mode, the AE Phase I, is about to enter its Supertest. Looking at this Tier IX American heavy, you’ll immediately notice its distinguishing feature: the segmented tracks. Like the T95 tank destroyer, this tank has four caterpillars, with two on each side. Unlike ‘The Doom Turtle’, the tracks on every side of the AE Phase I are set in a consecutive (and not in a parallel) order. This peculiarity doesn’t change the game mechanics: when a single track segment is destroyed, the tank is stalled. Now for the protection. The upper glacis plate of the AE Phase I is sloped much and has a thickness of 120 mm.

My Unfortunate Tankfest Announcement

Im sorry folks, although I was invited by Wargaming to go as a CC, I'm afraid I cant. This video will explain why. Just remember folks, its good to talk. If you have mental health issues, they are serious so please do what you can to try and sort them out. Take care Salty

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