Patch 1.6 Personal Mission Changes

As you know, Personal Mission Guides are my thing, and just as 'm about to relaunch all the guides in a more user friendly interface, they change a load of them. Cheers! But anyway, these are the changes coming up. Of course I will re write the guides to reflect these changes. Wargaming said: "We continue our consistent work on rebalancing Personal Missions. This time we carefully analyzed statistics from the missions of the third operation of the second campaign, which rewards you with the Object 279 early. We also carefully reviewed your feedback and your suggestions for this operation. As a result of this research, we've decided to simplify the conditions of about 40 missions in total – n

#Fit4Wot Monthly Mission

You may or may not know that I am an advocate of healthy gaming. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer I devised the #Fit4Wot program to encourage WoT players to try and have some form of a healthy lifestyle whilst gaming. Full details of Fit4Wot are HERE If this is not your 'thing' then how about trying my new Monthly Mission series. Each month I will detail a single exercise to do, for a number of repetitions and degree of difficulty, based on the tier structure in the Fit4Wot program to be done after every 10 battles. What will you will for doing these? Nothing, apart from the potential of a healthier lifestyle with gaming and a better sense of well being. Remember the term 'tier'

British T9 LT onto the Supertest

Onto the Supertest: British Tier IX Light Tank Today, the Supertest server will see a brand-new challenger: a British Tier IX light tank with a complex name: GSOR3301 AVR FS. It has all the distinctive features of the new UK branch of light tanks, including small dimensions and high concealment. As for its firepower, the top configuration of the vehicle has a 90-mm gun and that is why you’ll love it: · Very decent penetration rates: 232 mm for a standard shell and 254 mm for an APCR shell · Great stabilization when the vehicle is stationary · Accuracy matching the vehicle’s peers (dispersion at 100 meters: 0.36) · Good aiming time: 1.9 seconds However, there are two factors that might eclips

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