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Robert Scheffermann
Aug 5

Some ideas on viewing-system in WoT


There is something I would like to share and get some feedback... I have an idea to make WoT more interesting and diverse.


Right now, the viewing-range of each tank is the same in each direction.

What if this would be more complex, like some TD have great viewrange in a 25 degree angle right in front and are blind to all other angles, while scouts have great viewrange all around? Also you could have more different equipments, like have more viewrange to the front while sacrifising some to the back - or have more different crew-skills...


Tanks right now are too similar in many aspects, and if you could alter the viewing-mechanics by tank and equipment and skills/perks, it would allow players to specialize tanks for certain purposes.


Some other idea: when you go into sniper mode you increase the viewrange to "where you are watching" but become bline to the sides and back (allowing scouts to sneak up on TD).


From the implementation point of view - this would actually seriously increase the performance (less calculations for spotting on the server), if overall viewrange gets lower (so most sides of the tank) - at least IIRC what they tought in my computer-graphics course 15 years ago...

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  • Salty Jedi
    Apr 20
  • lwsugden
    Jun 2, 2018

    I wanted to try out playing Frontline and used the two freebie tanks. I didn't like it. I mostly play SPGs, so decided I would spend some money and buy a Tier VIII SPG to play FL with. No arties for sale? Why not? Why are SPGs the ONLY class where you cannot buy any country's premium vehicle in the store? I realize it is World of Tanks, not World of Arty, but fair is fair. I don't want something used from ebay. I prefer to buy my own all shiny and brand new from the WoT store. WG lost sales by not having products available to buy.
  • Salty Jedi
    Jun 2, 2018

    I have created this thread for you to post your thoughts to me, so I can offer them up to Wargaming.