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Salty Jedi
Apr 11

Thoughts on the SPG rebalance changes

Calvin Ryder Jr
Apr 11Edited: Apr 11

WG wanted us to be a support class and we did that, we made the change. Every time a team mate hit the T key we would wreck-em,till the red team was gone. Now you want to nerf us again. you talk about changing game Mechanic, well this will change it for sure! From now on...they (my Team) can load gold! Because from now on Ill shoot every Medium, Light, and TD I can see! they can hit that T key till thier finger falls off. Ill only fire on a heavy if its the last tank left. Ill make Credits win, lose or Draw.

Apr 18

Posted this in the WG-forums as well, think Im not as far out in deep water as WG is.

As stated in a youtube-video on the 22 of March the changes to SPGs have two purposes:

1) Making non SPG-players enjoy playing against SPGs more 2) Making SPG-players enjoy their class more


The stun mechanic was probably created to make up for the loss of XP the damage nerf caused in an attempt to please non SPG-players. The changes to the stun-effect this time are way too small to make any noticeable difference to non SPG-players at all who will continue to be just as frustrated as before. SPG-players will quickly learn to fire just a little bit later, avoiding the halved stun-penalty by hitting the target just as the old stun runs out. This will possibly resulting in the target actually being stunned for a longer duration of time than before!


The only players that will notice a difference is the arty players themselves who now will have an even less impact on the outcome of the game. SPG-players still will obtain the same amount of salt from other players though, they will continue being bullied by other players with PMs and teamkills ingame etc.

On a side note, most if not all deliberate team damage in World of Tanks are done by non SPG-players. By the mist of the gods, what are you thinking of penalizing SPG-players only for team damage?!


All in all, thees changes totally miss the target!


I say:

Keep stun or roll it and damage output etc back. But allow up to 4 SPGs per game AND get the old tracers back in combination with double XP for countering SPGs. This will make countering a much more viable option for SPGs which will cause less damage to non SPG-players. Combine this with the wheeled new vehicles and SPG will be less of an irritant AND more enjoyable to play!


Ohh, I forgot. I like the change to spall-liners where mobility is traded for tuffness, sound just about right. However, should the increased in effectiveness by the spall-liner not also result in an increase in its weight? More protection->less mobility.

Apr 20

Been thinking this over and over again. To support your team what is needed is for arty to create a situation where other tanks prefer to spot for SPG and/or need SPG:s help to get ahead. If it is going to be worth spotting for SPG an increase in damage is a must, thats when lights/gocarts will find it useful to risk their hp for spoting damage. If SPG is going to help your team out it has to be able to punish static tanks in too strong positions, for this to happen the threat of taking SPG-hits must increase. After the nerf this is decreased making other player less reluctant to spider-sense their way out of SPGs way. The way I see it "the arty of auld" did both of these jobs better. OK, getting one-shotted in the biggest, badest tanks on the battlefield is never a nice thing so the damage nerfs kind of feels alright BUT the trade should never have been with stun, it should have been with increased splash radious instead. Also, the longer reloads made every shot taken count more, in short, made the tactical skill, the map reading ability of the SPG-player count for more.

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  • Robert Scheffermann
    Aug 5

    There is something I would like to share and get some feedback... I have an idea to make WoT more interesting and diverse. Right now, the viewing-range of each tank is the same in each direction. What if this would be more complex, like some TD have great viewrange in a 25 degree angle right in front and are blind to all other angles, while scouts have great viewrange all around? Also you could have more different equipments, like have more viewrange to the front while sacrifising some to the back - or have more different crew-skills... Tanks right now are too similar in many aspects, and if you could alter the viewing-mechanics by tank and equipment and skills/perks, it would allow players to specialize tanks for certain purposes. Some other idea: when you go into sniper mode you increase the viewrange to "where you are watching" but become bline to the sides and back (allowing scouts to sneak up on TD). From the implementation point of view - this would actually seriously increase the performance (less calculations for spotting on the server), if overall viewrange gets lower (so most sides of the tank) - at least IIRC what they tought in my computer-graphics course 15 years ago...
  • lwsugden
    Jun 2, 2018

    I wanted to try out playing Frontline and used the two freebie tanks. I didn't like it. I mostly play SPGs, so decided I would spend some money and buy a Tier VIII SPG to play FL with. No arties for sale? Why not? Why are SPGs the ONLY class where you cannot buy any country's premium vehicle in the store? I realize it is World of Tanks, not World of Arty, but fair is fair. I don't want something used from ebay. I prefer to buy my own all shiny and brand new from the WoT store. WG lost sales by not having products available to buy.
  • Salty Jedi
    Jun 2, 2018

    I have created this thread for you to post your thoughts to me, so I can offer them up to Wargaming.