Supertest - The М24Е2 Super Chaffee

The М24Е2 Super Chaffee American Tier VI light tank is coming to the Supertest. This vehicle comes equipped with a 75mm gun that deals 115 damage per shot. The standard AP shell is capable of penetrating as much as 120 mm of armor, and its special APCR shell can penetrate 155 mm. The gun is well stabilized, and its accuracy is 0.44, aiming time 1.7 s, and reload time 4 s. The vehicle's view range is 380 m. The tank reaches speeds up to 56 km/h and has a specific power of 28.7 h.p./t The vehicle's durability is 670 HP. At the same time, the vehicle's armor is similar to other light tanks of the same tier, which means it should not be relied on too frequently. What makes the М24Е2 Super Chaffe

Special Summer Event: Highway Rock!

Commanders! Whether you roll out in a tank, get behind the wheel of a car, or feel the wind in your hair riding a bike, the open road is a symbol of freedom, and hitting the highway is a sign of independence! Our special summer event, from July 1 at 07:00 CEST through July 13 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), will take you back to 1950s America, a time of hot rod cars, cruising the country and Greasers, Preps and Nerds. Sign up, complete missions to put miles on your meter, collect classic cars, and earn big rewards, including customizations, bonds, Personal Reserves, and more! SIGN UP HERE Highway Rock is divided into two independent parts: building cars and beating the competition. Part 1: Build Your

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