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MT4.15 With Honours

November 5, 2016


This mission I completed on Stalingrad. I used the Batchat 25t due to the DPM of the clip. I looked at the enemy team set up and it was really in my favour, 2 soft TD's-a Grille 15 and Wt auf Pz4, and 2 non turreted TD's of which I had the speed to get behind and unload a full clip. The 2 German tds sat back and camped and I was able to get to them as they were firing down the 2/3 line. I was able to clip the 704 sat near the enemy base and the T28 Prot was camped near the back on the beach line. Survive and win was needed but I was being chased by a Leopard 1. However we were 14 v 9 up so I baited him back to my allies who destroyed him.



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