Why have I done this website?

I am SaltyJedi, the commander of HVC-X. That is the clan wars clan of the Havoc-X gaming community spearheaded by Sir Havoc, a streamer of World of Tanks and Armoured Warfare. The Havoc-X gaming community is fundamentally geared around learning and improving your game play and I thought how can I help players in this game by a means of which hasn't been done yet?

Well, having completed all the personal missions in World of Tanks to achieve the four reward tanks, I thought I would share with you my recommendations on how to complete them. I had a good trawl around the internet found, many and individual YouTube clip or forum post on individual missions, but nothing in one central place. Agreed you may have your own differing opinions on how to do this, which I fully respect, but this is how I managed to do them.

In its simplest form the missions are laid out in tank class, with the tanks and recommended tanks in black. There are hints and tips associated to each mission in red. As you can see, the greater the reward tank, and trickier the mission, the more help information I have tried to give you. I have added a contact form on the website for if there is one particular mission, or missions you want to ask questions about. Drop me a line and I may be able to help you out. Finally, if you feel my work has been of some value to you, then you are welcome to pop a donation across to me via the donate button at the bottom of the page. However, I didn't do this for any monetary gain, just to try and help you out somehow.

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