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When I was younger I start gaming because of my neighbours. They had consoles like Nintendo 64 etc. I really liked to play a lot of different games with them. Games that I liked to play were: Mario Party, Mario Kart and many more. I didn't have the option to own those consoles when I was younger.

Later, when I got a little older, and we got a better PC, I really loved playing the Sims. That is what I played for many years. After I met one of my sisters (ex) boyfriends I started playing the game World of Warcraft. In the beginning, I didn't like the whole game, because my sisters BF was playing it a lot and they got into fights about it. After my sister played some WoW with her BF, she gave me the time to learn the game as well. I really loved playing it.

And then... I met my boyfriend Cathril (Henry), we both were in a Dutch guild and we talked a lot before we went on our first date. And now 6 years later we are still together. Because of Cathril I am more into gaming now a days. Because of his interest, I learn more about other games. That's why I am playing World of Tanks right now. I really enjoy it. I like it because I am interested in war. In the beginning, I thought it was just shooting other tanks, but when I found out it was more than that, I was more interested in playing it. It's not just shooting, it's more you need to know where the weakest part of the tank is before you can do some damage. Same for where to go on the map, what to do as a heavy, medium, arty or other tank. It needs some brains and that's why it's so challenging.

My favourite tank is the m46 Patton. The reason for that is because it feels like I can make a lot of decent games with it. I love the gun depression, I love the way it shoots and it's a good looking tank as well! At the moment I am grinding a lot of different lines. In the beginning, I was more focusing on one specific tank. Now I want to know what other tanks are like. That's why I started playing other tanks as well. Also, because I want to show my viewers more, different tanks so they can see what a tank is like.

For the missions, I am grinding for the t28 heavy tank concept. I’m currently stuck at the TD line at mission 10. The platoon mission 13 and 14 I already completed. I just need the last four more to get that tank. The reason why I am not done is because I think TDS are hard to grind, I don't know where to go, where to stay with a TD. That is something I could learn more in the future. I am lucky Saltyjedi's website can support me with some of those struggles.

24 hr Livestream 4th November 2200hrs

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