House Havoc YouTube Channel Re Launch

The House Havoc YouTube channel has been launched for your one stop World of tanks videos. The contributors are myself SaltyJedi and Sir Havoc .

Sir Havoc

"I created the Havoc X gaming community with the ethos of 'training for all'. My videos are based on learning and tutorials and will hopefully assist you with enjoying the games more"


"In my videos i will be concentrating on providing you with the most epic of replays from world of tanks, whether it is number of kills, highest experience, massive amounts of damage or just amazing games. What I will also be showing you is videos of how particular missions are done within the game too for the reward tanks."

Videos have been uploaded to the channel for the launch, all with a chance of winning a Tier 7 premium tank, either a KV-122 in my video.

Or Sir Havocs video he will give you the opportunity to win the SU-122/44 tank destroyer.

The videos and details on how to enter the competitions are in the links here below

SaltyJedi Launch Video

Sir Havoc Launch Video

The ultimate prize is also on offer. We are fortunate enough to be able to give away to one lucky winner, the Chinese Tier 8 premium medium tank THE TYPE 59!!!! Stay tuned for further details on that epic giveaway.

All draws and givaways will be done throughout May live on Sir Havocs stream

so be sure to hit the follow button there too

Click the link above to the channel and hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of our amazing content.

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