Countdown To Tankfest

With just over week to go until Tankfest presented by World of Tanks in on!!. Join us for the world's biggest and best live display of historic armour, living history, and much more at the Home of the Tank - The Tank Museum, Bovington. Its a great opportunity to meet and greet may like minded people from the world of tanks community. There are many players from the Havoc gaming community attending along with myself and Sir Havoc, as it is the venue for Community Annual Meeting. There will also be the likes of WotBoys (creator of the Challenge coins) and Wot streamers and contributors such as Nikita, TcFreer, Ims89, Madmax80, AgeingJedi, Quickybaby, Harkonnen, Sofi plus many more to come and say 'hi' to. Plus there is the Wargaming stand to show off your skills on PC or console in front of an audience. It would be great to meet as many of you as possible during the weekend that are going, and get as many photo bombs as possible too!!! I will be there for both days floating around the museum and site. And staying at longthorns farm during the evenings. We will have the banner (pictured below) so you guys will be able to spot us about. 

An overview of the events happening at the weekend:

09:00  Site Opens

09:00 - 10:30  Vehicle Rides

M548 and Leopard Bathtub rides commence in the arena. Additional Charges Apply

10:30  Show Opening

The Museum Director declares the show open in style…

Featured vehicles: Rolls Royce Armoured Car

10:35  Shock and Awe

An explosive start to Tankfest 2016 as three Main Battle Tanks race round the arena at full speed.

Featured vehicles: Leopard 1.

10:45  D-Day Convoy

Rolling back to 1944, we present a convoy of the British and US vehicles used in the Allied invasion of Normandy

Featured vehicles: Sherman Fury, Churchill

11:15  British Army

The British Army displays the latest in service British Army vehicles.

Featured vehicles: Challenger 2, Scimitar (TBC)

12:00  Tank 100 - The Centenary of The Tank with David Fletcher

Our centenary commemorations continue with this unique collection of First World War Tank

Featured vehicles: Mark IV (replica), A7V (replica) + Special guests (TBC)

12:20 - 13:50  Vehicle Rides

M548 and Leopard Bathtub rides commence in the arena. Additional Charges Apply


13:50  Cold War Battle Groups: NATO & USSR

Convoys of the vehicles deployed together in battle formations from the UK, USA, Germany and USSR.

Featured vehicles: Chieftain, T-72, M60, Leopard, Scorpion

14:35  Recovery

An examination of the vehicles used to rescue tanks from the battlefield

Featured vehicles: Centurion ARV, Cheiftain ARV, Challenger CRAARV

14:50  Historic Armour

A selection of vehicles that went into service during and in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Featured vehicles: Matilda I, Valentine, Comet, Centurion, Sherman, Churchill, T 34, Challenger 1, Chieftain, Panzer III

15:30  Battle Finale – Normandy 1944

The events that followed the successful D-Day invasion are the focus of this year's explosive mock battle.

Featured vehicles: Sherman Fury, Churchill, Panzer III, Jagdpanther

16:05  Ring of Steel

Some of this year's highlight vehicles make a circuit of the arena, joined by re-enactors from our living history encampments.

Featured vehicles: TBC

Vehicle Rides - Following the Ring of Steel until 18:00

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