TankFest 2017 Report

This years annual Havoc Gaming Community meeting was held at TANKFEST, Bovington tank museum. For me it was an overwhelming pleasure to meet up with players, Community Contributors and Wargaming staff members over the course of the weekend.

The majority of the community stayed and camped at Longthorns Farm, just 2 miles away from the Tank museum, and we all pooled our resources and centralised in one area for BBQ's and banter, most of the time at the expense of community member Metallicom (bless him).

The Gaming Awards Team (lee and Simon) had amazing stand selling their challenge coins at a special reduced Tankfest rate, and you were able to 'selfie' and tag yourself in their gunsights for chance of winning some prizes. As you can see below, my friends and I (Sir Havoc, Ageing Jedi, Sofi and Ims) all had to have a go at that. You can still purchase their coins, pin badges and other cool stuff from their website http://shop.gamingawards.co.uk/ or from the merchandise store on the WOT portal.

I also had the chance to meet with other Community contributors including, Harkonnen, Skill4LTU, RitaGamer, MrCro, Nikita, Gjtjuh, and Cathril

The ultimate moment for me this year was to be invited up on to the Wargaming stage to battle 1 vs 1 against the CEO of Wargaming - Victor Kislyi. We had to battle on Himmlesdorf in the Tiger 131, and its fair to say, I beat him comprehensively. For winning I was given a Steelseries Rival 300 gaming mouse and an Arctis 3 gaming headset, plus a model of a KV-1. This was all done in front of all the supporters, contributors and wargaming crew so the pressure was on. The video below was taken from a friends mobile phone, but I am assured I will be sent the replay from wargaming.

A big thanks goes to my good friend Sir Havoc who went out of his way to introduce me to all the relevant representatives from wargaming. He is a true friend, and I wish him luck with the imminent arrival of his second child.

All that is left for me to do now is share the rest of my photos for you and say a massive thank you to all I have become good friends with in the World of Tanks Community.

Sir Havoc, Ims, TcFreer, Capt Caveman, Avalbane, MadMax, Metallicom, Madkoca, Blacky3443, MrCro, Harkonnen, Nikita, Gnome, Sunflowergirl, MiniOphelia, Contol, BoodaShun, TwigletTickler, Sofi Ritagamer, Phelan, Thayne, Ginvr, Gjtjuh, Skill4ltu, Maxwellplays, General Micle, Commando4u2, Fubzy, Bluegec (and his wife), Harvanator, Cathril to name just a few. If I have missed anyone I do apologise.

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