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Love it, or hate it, Artillery is part of world of tanks, and players in the game will use it. As with any tanks there are certain ways to play it (of varying opinion) and this group helps players wanting to learn or show case their skills to others. It was created by GeneralDisturbance, and in only a short space of time has amassed over 2.4k members. There is many a good player from WOT in the group, who are only to willing to help out and share advice (as well as a great moderation team)

The page address for the group is here


"WOT Arty Noobs has been set up to help World of Tanks SPG players enjoy their game even more. Arty players can make a crucial contribution to the battle even though they are under appreciated by fellow players. They encourage you to share any tips, your best replays and any information that would enhance your playing experience".

On the page, there are many posts relating to arty in the game, the current trend is showcasing Bombadier videos. Like many other WOT face book pages, the player post screen shots of games, or replays of their games. It also has a number of links to help out;

There are maps of most of the Arty firing positions


There are skins you can use on your Arty and tanks in the Files


And they also have their own dedicated Youtube Channel

WOT Arty Noobs You-Tube channel – please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGCE5XwvJLmRTQQ7sECdUg

You may wonder why I am writing a blog post about this, its because they have been loyal supporters and continue to do so of my live stream, facebook, twitter and youtube media. I also wanted to promote the success this group is having and its continual growth.

Congratulations GeneralDisturbance, and good luck with the group and Youtube Channel for the future.

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