Fit4WOT Exercise Plans

Due to the success and positive feedback from you guys about my Fit4WOT-Fit For Life blog post, I have taken it a step further forward for you. I have created a set of exercises for you to do (if you so wish) based upon your own perceived fitness levels and graded these into tiers, just like the game.

Tier 1/2 is for gamers with little or no fitness levels or ability to train, all the way up to Tier 9/10 for those Olympic athletes amongst you all!!

The exercises are carried out based loosely on in game achievements, and as it says on the page you can do these at your own time intervals, eg for 30 minutes every hour, or every other hour for longer sessions etc.

Now I know this will not appeal to some of you and I fully understand this. All I am doing is trying to bring an element of healthy living into our own hobbies.

You can find the exercises on the Fit4WOT tab on my website or by clicking this link

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Stay healthy folks, see you on the battlefield!!

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