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"Girls Who Tank"

September 16, 2017


Hi all, there are many streamers and players of World of tanks out there, but not many who are girls. I have had the privilege to interview 4 amazing "Girls who Tank"

They are Ims89, Ritagamer, Sofi and SwedishLadyC.

For the few who may not know you, who are you?


I’m SwedishLadyC, a lady with a dirty language that is on level 33 in age, married and mother to 2 kids. Streaming with my husband Masse, a.k.a. the purple warrior, since he got a latex outfit to stream in (and did, there is clips of it on Twitch). The C in my name actually stands for Christine, but everyone is saying my nickname, Kicki. I’m the one that people hate or loves. I don’t think that’s anything in-between. People don’t come to my channel for the pro tip gaming (I still have so much to learn) but for the laughs, jokes and the filthy humour.




My IGN is Sofilein, I'm a Community Contributor for Wargaming from America and have been playing World of Tanks since early 2013












I’m Ims89 a 27 year young lady from the Netherlands. I met my boyfriend Cathril through World of Warcraft, we've been together for 7 years now. Ims is my nickname and everybody calls me that . I’m more use to the nickname than I’m used to my real name.







I am Rita "Gamer" Sobral, a Portuguese lass standing tall at 5'3 and living in the UK. I'm a Tank Connoisseur, Cat Mother, Geek. I drink like a man and swear like a Sailor.

I've got a wide set of skills, I'm able to talk random for hours, I can eat a 1/2 pound messy burger in 5 min and I'm an M3Lee Unicum.

And for whatever is worth, I happened to be the first girl now woman to produce WoT content for the English community, I started back in 2012 and been part of the furniture ever since.



How long have you been a gamer, and who or what inspired you?



I grew up with Commodore 64, The Great Giana Sisters, Nintendo, Gameboy and was kind of a gamer girl as a child. Played a lot of Tombraider when it came out, Backpacker and Need for Speed. Also had drunken nights with Crazy Taxi on Playstation, so many laughs back in the days. And then I lost interest for many years, I’m gonna be honest and say that I thought it was very lame to just sit inside and play games and only interact with online friends. I’m so glad I was wrong.

Almost every night I'm laughing so hard and having so much fun in the games and on teamspeak.

I have got so many new friends online since I started to play. Hopefully a whole bunch that will remain friends for the rest of my life.




I think I've been “real” gamer since 2008. Before 2008 I played a lot of the Sims, but I don’t think I was a real gamer at that time. Because of my sister's ex boyfriend I fell in love with World of Warcraft. This was the first game I was really addicted to. Since I met Cathril I started playing more different kind of games. 








I've been playing games on the PC since an early age- I've a scant memory of playing Red Baron II on my Dad's lap at the age of four, he liked flight games and dabbled around with RTS and so I joined in and got hooked, too.








As long as I can remember. I grew up with a "Gamer mom" and would often watch her play on an Atari, she used to be a queen at Arcades. I definitely got my geeky side from her.





What games do you play the most?



World of tanks, well almost only World of Tanks. Trying to learn Minecraft and on rare occasions I play GTA5 on Playstation.   After a couple of glasses of wine Cards against humanity is really fun.






I've played World of Tanks for many years now. World of Tanks is the game I am streaming the most. But recently PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is catching up to World of Tanks. I really like to play that game in my spare time and want to stream it more often as well.









 Currently I work very actively and have my schedule very full with my job and with volunteering, so I stick with World of Tanks primarily as it's more rewarding to stick with a game and community I already know and very much dig.







World of tanks is still my main game but I took a likin on Player Unknown Battlegrounds and been delivering some Portuguese Imperialism in Hearts of Iron IV.

I also started catching up on single player playthroughs that I had been ignoring for years in my steam account like Bioshock.




You all stream World of tanks, who or what got you into wot, and why do you play it?


That’s a funny story actually.

I was so tired of having a husband that just sat up all nights, talking to other people on TS, I missed the social life with him and I missed to have a common hobby together. You could probably say that I was VERY pissed off at him. During that time, I had “a part” of a horse that I took care of, so I said to Masse (my husband) one day: “Okey, if you come with me to the stables from time to time, then I’ll try to play on of the games you are playing..” At that moment he was all into World of Tanks so I started an account and started playing and then I was stuck. Do I even have to mention that I quit the horse-thing and Masse never ever had to follow me to the stables? LOL. And here I am, 2 years later.



The funniest thing is, Cathril started playing World of Tanks and I thought it was a really stupid game. Why shooting tanks? But the moment I found out that it wasn’t only shooting tanks I really got into it as well.

Me and Cathril are interested in War, Tanks are also a part of it. And because it isn’t only shooting but also a very tactical game I fell in love with it.






 I started back in 2013, saw a WoT ad online and as a military history hobbyist with a wargame pastime going back years, it caught my eye and I tried it at the start of my junior semester in uni. The main features of the game that keep me engaged are the armor mechanics and strategy elements, as well as the 15-mins-or-less timeframe. The main games I played with PC were RTS and MOBA, and a typical FPS style of game gets repetitive for me. I like having to think with angling and with terrain, while the learning curve can be steep for a newcomer, eventually gittin gud by committing tank and map features to memory is something rewarding!




To be honest I did not want to play World of Tanks but after enough insistence I was convinced to try it out and got immediately addicted to it. I've always had a natural predisposition for anything History but my native country is not a tanking nation, such subject is not even taught back in school, I grew an interest and passion for tanks, real tanks through this online game.



Do you have a favourite tank in the game, and why?


E50 is a very fun tank when you get to fully upgrade it. A bit of good armour (yes, I got a Steel wall for one of the games with it), a accurate powerful gun and okay speed. But my fun tank will always be KV-2. So many one shots I have done with that derp gun, and so many evil laughs when hitting enemy with it.





Yes I have! I really love the M46-Patton and I think every viewer in my stream knows that! Ive been to Tankfest for 3 years in a row now and everytime I need to hug the M46-Patton in the Bovington Tank Museum (UK). Why do I like it? Well I just like the way it moves, the way it shoots, the gun depression and it’s also a good looking tank :D !







My favourite tank tends to change with the season (and/or the patch updates...) but I've stuck with the heavies and an aggressive playstyle overall with favorites including T-10, Cent AX, E-50M and of course the very balanced Maus. 








I started by loving the IS-3 and then the Tortoise mostly but the game meta has changed so rapidly that I no longer have a favourite tank.  I try instead to play with a wide range of tanks from different classes and tiers.






What is your favoured playstyle?


On stream I would like to say medium. I have just started to play mediums, and its fun when you learning so much about that play style. Off stream I like to play heavy and TD’s. One point in my life I was a huge arty-girl, but I’m happy I decided to change from that ;)






I love to play mediums and heavies. I like to be on the frontline with my medium or heavy tanks. Sitting back in a bush like a TD isn't really my thing. I really don’t have the patience to be in the back all the time. As for light I haven’t found out how to play it yet but since I learn more about it I really enjoy it so far. And arty.. lets not talk about that :P








I appear to have answered that question in the last one lol










I would say I have an orthodox playstyle, by that is that I do not bound a tank's capabilities by whatever class Wargaming calls it. I very much like to take the M3 Lee as a TD and vehicles like the Tortoise and Jagdpanzer E-100 as HTs. I am not shy to use the amazing  WASD-key game feature even in artillery, as example, that one -recent- time I got a Raider medal on the SU-14-1.



Do you think players in stream chat talk differently to you as opposed to if you were a male streamer?


Of course. First off all, I don’t think it, I know it. People (and actually other streamers) says often to me: “Yeah, you get viewers just because you are a girl…” Maybe that’s right, BUT. The highest amount of viewers isn’t in my stream to watch my face, they are actually there to hear the entertainment from me and Masse and watch the games we are playing.

Combine World of tanks and some dirty humor and then you will have a epic evening. People laughs at us, laughs with us and have fun with us.

And they are also there to hear me swear in Swedish ;)




Yes, because I think its more special to see a woman streaming because there are more men gaming then woman. ​