Mines and Glacier Supertest Re Balance

Supertest news keep coming. New versions of Mines and Glacier, slightly modified for the sake of balance, are entering the Supertest today.

The Mines map currently favors the team that spawns in the north. They can reach the isle in the west faster and often come to control the western flank entirely—by taking that isle first and then moving to the positions near the central hill. To offset this advantage, we’ve added multiple firing positions for the southern side.

1. The lesser isle in the southwest will have several nice spots to dig in and contain the northern aggression.

2. You’ll be able to shoot the enemies sitting on the larger isle from the designated TD positions of the southern side.

3. The same trick will be possible if you get on the slope leading to the top of the central hill. Provide fire support for allies or prevent the enemy from taking control of the western flank.

On the Glacier map, the southern side has an edge now. This team has less trouble fighting around the frozen aircraft carrier, and their TD positions are better. On top of that, the northern team has problems defending the serpentine road in the northeast. To set everything right we’ll try several changes to the map.

1. Now both teams will have equal opportunities to roll onto the carrier, and the northerners may try to dash to a small cover on the flight deck. The team that manages to take control of the area will be able to capitalize on their success by using another new covered position.

2. The firing arc for the southern team TD position in G4 is too wide. It will be limited on the modified map.

3. Small ridges enabling terrain-based play will be added to the serpentine road area.

Depending on the Supertest results we’ll decide whether to keep or ditch each of the changes. Our objective is equalizing the teams’ chances to win while keeping the way the gameplay unfolds on these maps.

(Quoted text from Wargaming)

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