My Thoughts on the Tanks Dying Debate.

I've held off posting this for a while but it's been bugging me. You may or may not have seen the video posted by a 'popular' CC asking the question is World of Tanks dying? Well sorry but I'm not jumping on that train, I'm not gonna say wow that 100% right, although I will give my opinion. I have played this game for 6 years and seen it go through so many changes, and I still feel the same now as I did when I first started. Yes I have paid real money for tanks and gold etc, but why wouldn't I, it's my hobby. I log on pick a tank and click battle, if I win great, if I lose then so be it, on with the next one. ITS A GAME, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. As a CC I take time when not doing IRL work (and let's be honest in the last 20 odd years I've seen and done things far more important/hair raising/shocking/disturbing to let a game bother me) to produce content and give you what information I can, to help you see what is going on, mission guides, new tanks etc. I don't do it for money, I'd be foolish to think I could make a long term career from gaming, which is why it is a hobby. However I do care about providing you guys with my experiences, reviews and thoughts, because I enjoy the game. I'll be honest, I couldn't give a toss about the match maker, Arty stun, Arty how it was, one shots from UK TDs, premium ammo. It's all part of the game I play. And I accept it, sorry about that, I'll adapt and roll with the changes, I am still able to battle. In terms of dying...if I log on and there are 300, 3000 or 30000 players on the server then great, I get to play WoT. Of course player numbers will both increase and decrease everyone enjoys what they prefer, let's mention the waves of player bans, the obvious success of t8 front lines, or maybe that people still play the game regardless, just like me. Everyone complains, including me, it's human nature but is it going to stop me playing? Nope, I'll just click battle again. If there are still players who feel the need to use 3rd party mods to make them supposedly better, then I feel sorry for them, that they feel they need coloured numbers to give them a worth. None of it is going to stop me logging on and playing. I don't claim to be any good at WoT, I'm average with occasional good and great games, as well as shockers, but so be it. That's me, this will always be a game I enjoy in a playable state, and at no point in my opinion has it ever been unplayable. My issue is, you only ever hear of the bad stuff, however that is also true for life in general. It's easier to complain when something isn't going your way, and just accepted if something is good or right. The thing is, I'm sure the game will evolve, it always does. We're there this many complaints back in the day about a T18 US td that could one shot loads and struggle to be penned? Nope it was just funny. So what's the difference the higher up the tiers you go? So I don't think the game is dying, though the statistical analysis was very comprehensive, the player base is evolving, just as the game is. And it is just a game, which I will continue to play, produce content and enjoy. Players will come and go, let's be honest there is only so many times you could hit a ball against a wall until it became boring, but if you enjoyed it, you would go back. If this offends you or you don't agree, then it's your opinion which you are fully entitled too, just as I am, just as original post creator is, though I am not sorry for posting this. 

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