The SPG Line Changes - More Nerfs My Thoughts

Now I have seen a number of articles and videos regarding the 'changes' to the SPG class in the up coming patch. QB shows these changes well and with out a doubt it is a full Nerf to the class. Now, the changes to the mechanics I don't have a problem with-less stun and less damage the further away the shot lands, that's common sense. Even the reduction in stun time due to multiple stuns I am fine with, as well as the effectiveness of a spall liner. However what I have an issue with is-there is NO COMPENSATION TO THE CLASS TO BALANCE THESE CHANGES! This in my opinion is an over Nerf and renders the class even less effective in it's support role now. Each class has it's strengths compensated by weakness eg High alpha-long reload Fast reload-low damage Decent damage-iffy dispersion Very fast-blind as a bat The list could go on. What has happened to the SPG class to 'equal out' these changes? Nothing, no increase in accuracy, reload, penetration value just a pure Nerf. Now love or hate SPG's they are in the game (until they become unplayable, which is happening) and they do provide a supporting role. Granted they can sit at the back and fire with out being spotted, but so can any tank that plays in it's render distance and snipes. This class is very lucky to even be able to defend itself when rushed on by other tanks. Which leads me to a thought that why not have a larger penetration range, so up close and defending yourself you have a greater chance to actually deal some decent damage, and the further away the opposite. The same could also be said for accuracy. But all in all I feel, and this is my opinion that the SPG class is being nerfed out of the game. 

Feel free to comment below on this post, constructive, negative or positive comments alike.

As an ex UK forces Artillery crew man, both operationally and in an OP role, I know first hand the effectiveness of SPG, which also have an ANTI TANK role! Where is this? So, to that end I want arty to stay as it is, or even pre stun. Not how its going to be-a worthless class in the game.

(29 April 2019)

I would like to clarify a point or two about the SPG rebalancing topic. Yes I did start the #dontnerfarty hash tag but...I didn't create it as an attack or witch hunt towards 'arty haters'. Don't forget some players hate wheeled vehicles/TD's/super heavies etc. However this isn't as much publicised. To spam the hashtag in every post possible is not of any value and does not help any cause, and if anything adds fuel to the fire of hate. The point, as I wrote in my original post was to stop arty being nerfed out of the game, and to keep it with a competitive supporting role, not to-and this is how it even appears to me 'sabotage' posts/topics/forums etc. You will not get any support, or positive feedback without providing a suitable counter argument towards these changes. As I also stated before, I have no issue with the changes to stun durations for multiple stuns or reflection to how near/far the shell lands but any vehicle should be able to defend itself some how. Some thoughts/changes/improvements now 1. Limit SPG's to Max of 2 per game 2. Remove the stun mechanic 3. Change the shell type so it's either stun or damage (player would have to decide the most effective use) 4. Long range shot, lower pen. Short range shot higher pen (for some form of defence) 5. Remove xvm (that stands for every class, focussing out a skilled player can turn a battle) 6. Hide ign's until post game stats, or enable fog of war. Just some suggestions, as I am an Arty player, and an average player. I just don't want the SPG class to be pointless. 

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