Special Summer Event: Highway Rock!


Whether you roll out in a tank, get behind the wheel of a car, or feel the wind in your hair riding a bike, the open road is a symbol of freedom, and hitting the highway is a sign of independence! Our special summer event, from July 1 at 07:00 CEST through July 13 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), will take you back to 1950s America, a time of hot rod cars, cruising the country and Greasers, Preps and Nerds.

Sign up, complete missions to put miles on your meter, collect classic cars, and earn big rewards, including customizations, bonds, Personal Reserves, and more!


Highway Rock is divided into two independent parts: building cars and beating the competition.

Part 1: Build Your New Ride

Three cars are waiting to be assembled. Each is dedicated to a particular group that was prevalent in 1950s American hot rod culture: Greasers, Preps, and Nerds.

Complete daily missions to collect Highway Rock Miles and use these points to unlock parts for a specific car. You must register on the dedicated event page to participate in the event, build hot rods, choose a faction, and most importantly, win rewards!

Unlock Components & Earn Rewards

Visit the dedicated event page and use earned Miles to unlock components for the three cars. You are not limited to a single vehicle, so feel free to mix things up! Each component costs 50 Highway Rock Miles to unlock and rewards you with an additional prize:

Unlock all components of a single car for a special reward. It’s possible to unlock all components for all three cars.

Don't Stop the Rock

The event isn’t over after you’ve unlocked all the cars. Keep going and collect more Miles to exchange them for sweet bonus rewards.

Part 2 - Beat The Competition

Do you feel the need for speed? Flash your headlights and take on the Highway Rock Challenge! Choose one of the three factions –Greasers, Preps, or Nerds– by redeeming a special code and complete the following missions as often as you can! The more Tokens you collect, the higher you'll climb through the reward tiers, and the better the reward! In addition, the winning team will be treated to a special extra XP bonus weekend!




Highway Rock Missions

I have the camos for the FV4005 and the EBR 105 and they look stunning

Good luck with this summer fun!!!! Stay safe during lockdown.

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