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Another Polish Tank Enters Supertest

June 15, 2018

The Polish Tanks Supertest: The Transitional One

Today WOT is starting the Supertest of the third Polish progression vehicle: the 53TP Markowskiego, a Tier VIII heavy tank.

It stands between Tier VI–VII mediums and slower but better armored Tier IX–X heavies. The armor of the 53TP is pretty solid for its tier, and excellent when compared to that of its predecessors. Still it won’t shield you from frontal damage like on Tiers IX–X.

This tank is sort of transitional: its turret is sturdy but its hull protection is mediocre, saving you mostly from shells of lower tier tanks. With gun depression of -8°, the 53TP will be good at terrain based play, being able to make use of the most advantageous (and sometimes unexpected) positions.