Competition Time!!

Hey Tankers!

Following the release of my recent video of the CS-52 LIS, I have acquired some prizes for you to have a chance to win. Unfortunately, they are restricted to the EU server.

All you have to do is watch the video, and post a unique/relevant/funny comment on it, and don't forget to add your IGN. The 6 best comments will be chosen on the 7th of September.

There are 6 prizes in total, the main prize is the T6 Polish MT Pudel, and minor prizes are 2 x Crew Booster Personal Reserves and 3 x 3 days of Premium Account. Good Luck and thank you for participating.


The link to the video is here:

Also, Twitter is now my main source of social media, so if you want to hit the follow button for me to keep up to date on my content, you can here:

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