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Fugly Fire Power, New T8 RU Prem TD

April 26, 2019


From the 27th of April, the T-103 Russian Tier 8, Premium Tank Destroyer T-103 will be available from the (EU) premium shop. That's right another Russian prem tank, as we all whoop for joy. But is it OP? Is it worth the money? I'll give you a run down of the stats etc so you can make up your own opinions.


First impressions for me was, man this thing is FUGLY!! Its like a KV-3 and a KV-5 had some sexy time and this was spawned. It was actually developed on the basis of the experimental T-100 heavy tank. It was built with the intention of neutralizing fortified emplacements and also for coastal defense. However the work on the project was discontinued at the blueprint stage and never entered service.


So, in the game then, which is what you really want to know, what modules does it have? (click pics for slideshow)