A New T8 Swedish HT Comes to Super Test

Today marks the beginning of the Supertest for a Viking newcomer: the EMIL 1951, a Tier VIII Premium Swedish heavy with an autoloader. Gameplay-wise, it’s an ‘Emil I Lite’: the EMIL 1951 has less armor than its progression counterpart but is more mobile. There’s one less round in the barrel of the EMIL 1951 but its aiming parameters are better and it shoots faster than the Emil I.

The hull of the EMIL 1951 has less protection, and as a sort of compensation it has a new 400-hp engine bringing its specific power up to 15.15 hp per ton. Not a great difference to the Emil I but certainly noticeable: the 1951 will move faster and accelerate to the top speed way quicker.

How will this tank play? Much like its progression partner but more energetic: less covering, more movement. The barrel that unloads quickly also presupposes a hit-and-run playstyle: fire three rounds and fall back without taking any extra risks.

Depending on test results WG may change the stats for the EMIL 1951 so they will publish the final ones later. Make sure to follow the news and good luck in every fight!

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