Another Polish Tank Enters Supertest

The Polish Tanks Supertest: The Transitional One

Today WOT is starting the Supertest of the third Polish progression vehicle: the 53TP Markowskiego, a Tier VIII heavy tank.

It stands between Tier VI–VII mediums and slower but better armored Tier IX–X heavies. The armor of the 53TP is pretty solid for its tier, and excellent when compared to that of its predecessors. Still it won’t shield you from frontal damage like on Tiers IX–X.

This tank is sort of transitional: its turret is sturdy but its hull protection is mediocre, saving you mostly from shells of lower tier tanks. With gun depression of -8°, the 53TP will be good at terrain based play, being able to make use of the most advantageous (and sometimes unexpected) positions.

The 53TP will have a 122mm gun dealing 420 points of alpha damage, a bit above other Tier VIII heavies with guns of comparable caliber. High alpha together with good gun depression are going to be the distinguishing features for top-tier Poles. Though the other parameters of the TP53 gun are pretty standard, it’s enough to make this tank a mean and dangerous heavy-hitter.

How do you play the 53TP Markowskiego? There are many ways but the most comfortable one is getting on uneven terrain and relying on the solid turret armor. 420 points of alpha can hurt any opponent—including heavies—much, and the reloading time isn’t painstakingly high.

The 53TP can cope well both in the open and in the city; it’s a well-rounded vehicle that does have some perks. The Supertest will show how efficient this Polish tank is, and how engaging is its gameplay. Depending on the test results they may revise the tank’s stats or even its battle role. Whether they do or they don’t, I will let you know. Stay tuned and may luck shine on you in every battle!

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