Big Hitters Go To Super Test

Very soon, modified versions of three iconic vehicles—the Type 4 Heavy, the Type 5 Heavy, and the FV4005 will roll out onto the Supertest.

The changes being introduced are significant so let’s take a closer look at each vehicle.

Both Japanese heavies will have the stats of their top guns (14-cm and 15-cm) tweaked. The former’s rounds will increase in armor penetration (from 249 mm to 252 mm for the standard shell and from 282 mm to 290 mm for the special shell). The changes to the 15-cm cannon (“the HE gun”) will be more severe. The damage of its basic HE round will decrease from 1,100 to 900 points, and the special round will change from HE to HESH, with armor penetration increasing to 192 mm and damage decreasing from 1,400 to 750 points.

Besides all that, the top Japanese heavy will become more mobile, gaining 4 km/h in top forward speed, 3 km/h in top reverse speed, and 3 degrees in hull traverse rate. Its specific power will grow, and gun dispersion on the move and while turning will decrease. These stat adjustments are to lessen the HE damage share in the overall output of the top Japanese heavies, without revising these vehicles’ basic concept. The changes described above will make the 15-cm gun less efficient, especially against high-tier adversaries. At the same time, the alternate gun will fare better, in part because of the general changes to the parameters of the Tier X tank, and players will have a more substantial choice between the two playstyles.

The stats of the British queen of alpha strikes, the FV 4005, are about to change a lot, too. Most of the tweaks deal with the chassis. The top forward speed will decrease (from 35 km/h to 32 km/h), and the top reverse will drop from 12 km/h to 8 km/h. The same will happen to the engine power (down to 850 hp from 950 hp) and the hull traverse rate (down to 26 degrees from 30 degrees). The gun itself will have less accuracy (with dispersion upped from 0.38 to 0.42), and will take longer to aim (3.7 seconds vs 3 seconds). With these adjustments implemented, the FV 4005 will retain its key feature, HESH shells with high armor penetration allowing for colossal alpha with the overall effectiveness of the vehicle decreasing only slightly. The FV 4005 will continue to be a mighty combatant able to take out an enemy with a single strike, yet it will need more time to prepare that shot.

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