Char Futur 4 Frontline Reward Tank

Stage 2 of Frontline 2020 will kick off on 06 April 5:00 CET (UTC+1) and will be available for one week, until 13 April at 02:00 CET (UTC+1). This is your chance to participate in 30v30 battles again, win heaps of rewards, and join the race for reward tanks! This is just one of them. Reviews for the others will come soon.

The Char Futur 4 is a unique new French T9 medium tank. It boasts a 4 shot autolader with decent alpha of 390 average, but so far I have had a couple of high rolls over 450!! If you can remember the T9 Lorr 40t its similar to that in the sense you have to MANAGE THE RELOAD as its fairly lengthy at 39 with a stock 100% crew. You have a 4 second reload between shots in the clip and an aim time of 2.1 seconds. However its fairly nimble and you can run away in between reloads as it has a top speed of 60 KPH. Also with its gun depression of 7.5 degrees there are a number of ridge lines you can safely engage from. Having played the T8+ Italian autoreloaders for the majority of my MT games, it took a little while to get used to the reloading mechanism and time of the drum.

So how does it compare to the other T9 auto/autoreloaders in the game. These stats are for 100% crew and fully researched Guns and Turrets to give a relative comparison to damage and reload, considering the Char Futur 4 is non re searchable and maxed out modules anyway.

Well, from the start you can see it has the highest Alpha of them all and mid range penetration with APCR as its standard shell. In terms of reload its fairly long compared to the others but remember the Bat25 AP has 6 shells and the Skoda T50 has 3 to load. So in that sense its relative to the shell amount. A fair gun depression of 7.5 degrees beaten by the Standard B at 10 degrees and Skoda at 8 but better than the Bats 6. All the aim time are similar around the 2 second mark but it has the best dispersion at 0.33 at 100m. It does however have the lowest DPM of 1830.

For its durability it has the most hit points of 1750, which is nice coupled with its turret armour of 140, it may not seem a lot BUT, I have also encountered some funky bounces when engaging and 'wiggling' the turret. It can take a little bit of a beating! Its not the quickest but its not the slowest of them and does get around the battlefield nicely at 60kph and with the 22.96 specific HP to Tonne it gets to speed quickly too. The traverse speed is the slowest of these at 37.55 deg per second but it doesn't really as it still allows decent circling of most tanks and you don't have to wait for the gun to catch up. The concealment is what you expect from a medium tank, it has the lowest view range of 380 meters but the best signal range of 750 meters.

How do you play it? Or should I say how do I play it? Well, depending on the map of course I tend to play it in 2 different ways. This is all purely based on the lengthy reload. Mid to long range engagements where you can effectively hit your shots by taking your time to aim them in, then using your speed whilst reloading for the next engagement with out taking damage. Then also as a shoot and scoot, to deal about 1600 HP of damage at opportunistic moments then high tailing it off again to reload. Its not a brawler in the sense that you can engage with a continual rate of fire, it is certainly a 'pick the right moment' to deal damage tank. But I really do enjoy playing it and if you are grinding out Frontlines for a reward tank, and if this one suits your style of play then definitely go for it.

Just as an introduction to what it can do, these are the screeners of my second game in it. Pay lip service to fact it was an ace due to few that are currently on the server. Its more to show what you can do when, as I've already said, MANAGE YOUR RELOAD.

Good luck grinding out this latest episode of frontlines to get a reward tank, and if you go for this one I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. See you on the battlefield.

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