Improvements to Chimera Missions

At the end of 2018, in Update 1.3 WG slightly adjusted the missions of the first operation of the Second Front campaign. At that time, they simplified the conditions of more than 30 tasks that, according to your feedback and their stats, seemed rather complicated.

Over the past few months, they have been carefully analyzing your progress on updated Personal Missions by reviewing your questions and suggestions. And now they are ready to take the next step and make some new adjustments.

In Update 1.4 missions for the Second Front will become more balanced, achievable and generally simpler. At the same time, their fulfillment will still require a certain skill level.

With that in mind, I wont update the mission guides for the Chimera until Patch 1.4 drops, until then here are the changes to be taking place.





Also they are changing the characteristics of the Chimera. They have increased the vehicle’s penetration with standard shell to 218 mm. Also, improved its accuracy, aiming time and gun stabilization to make the Chimera a more sharpshooting tank. All these tweaks will provide more comfortable and accurate firing. Plus, they have improved its shell velocity, which makes the Chimera more suitable for effective long-distance sniping. Finally, the tank’s view range was also improved to make it more convenient to play.

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