My Own Bonus Code For You!!

Hey guys, I have my own bonus code for you (EU only currently sorry)


Each code can be used only once per account, but if you have already activated a code from another contributor, you won’t be able to activate the code from me.

The code and mission are valid till 30.07.2018, 00:00 UTC. The mission should be completed BEFORE that time to get the reward. The code provides you with a token, which activates the following mission:

Restrictions: • Random battles, Grand battles • Tier IV+ vehicles • The mission can be completed once per account

Conditions: • Play 5 battles • Be among the top 10 Experience earners on your team

The reward for completing the mission is: • 1x +300% Crew experience for 2 hours • 1x Large Repair Kit • 1x Large First Aid Kit • 1x Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Keep an eye out for more codes and rewards next month!!

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