My Support For The UK NHS During This Pandemic

Yes I know this is not World Of Tanks related, it's a bit more of an important message I want to share during the coronavirus pandemic.

NHS staff and volunteers in the UK are doing amazing work right now in caring for COVID-19 patients. In my real life, outside of gaming I am a member of Chuldow Kickboxing Academy, it's one of my ways to stay Fit4Wot when not sat down gaming (which we must all try and do in one way or another), and using my 'skills' in making videos we have created a video tribute to support the NHS. I have re written the lyrics to Carl Douglas 1970's classic 'Kung Fu Fighting' and we have produced Covid Fighting.

If you can, help me show our respect and gratitude as they work tirelessly in the face of the virus. It's our turn to make sure we look after them, to ensure they can keep doing their vital work. Watch the video, give it a like, and only if you really can, visit our Just Giving Fundraising page and help us out.

We at Chuldow Tadcaster have come together to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone to give a little back as a thank you to these amazing people and their daily battle to help everyone in the fight against Covid.

I appreciate any support that you can give during this period, you never know when we might need the NHS in the UK.


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