Panhard EBR 75 Marathon

The Challenge on Wheels kicks off February 21st! Complete it and you’ll earn yourself a unique Tier VIII Premium wheeled vehicle, the Panhard EBR 75.

This Challenge is truly special and will let you experience taming a quick and agile scout. It's not going to be easy, but by the end of this event, you're going to get an outstanding vehicle, which you’ll show off with pride… and spark envy in other Commanders!

The concept will be familiar to those of you who took part in last year’s Winter and British Challenges. However, this time about half of the Commitment missions will be close to the Mastery tasks in terms of complexity.

Just like the British Challenge, the chase for the Panhard EBR 75 will last 14 days, from 21 February at 10.00 to 6 March at 10.00, and involves completing 10 consecutive stages. There are two ways to earn this Grand Prize – choose the one that suits you best!

  • Missions for commitment. The best option for players with a strong will. Task conditions will be diverse, but they can be performed using the Tier VI – X vehicles.

  • Missions for mastery. The challenging and thorny path for more skilled players. Performing these missions will save you time, but in return will require maximum concentration and skill. This time, unlike previous challenges, you can perform these tasks using not only Tier X, but also Tier IX machines. So, this Challenge will be open up to a wider range of vehicles.

NOTE: Both sets of tasks can be fulfilled simultaneously (given all conditions are met).

Regardless of the path you choose, you get the chance to win tons of rewards along the way: Credits, Personal Reserves, and more!

No time to complete all the missions? No worries, each of you has the opportunity to purchase the Panhard EBR 75 in the Premium Shop and it will be discounted 10% for each stage you’ve already completed. So, for example, completing 5 out of 10 stages will knock 50% off the price

NOTE: Purchasing the bundle gives you the full pack of rewards for not yet completed tasks and automatically checks all event battle missions as completed. So, you won’t be able to access them once you purchase the bundle.

The Missions

The Panhard EBR 75 stands out not only for its speed. It demonstrates high combat effectiveness thanks to the 75 mm auto-loading gun with a two-round clip, dealing an average of 175 damage per shot. The gun is mounted on an oscillating turret. This combination will allow you to quickly reach the firing line, fire 2 shots on the move and then instantly leave your location. Plus, high armor penetration with HE shells will allow you to cause more damage to lightly armored adversaries.

And don’t forget about their unique mechanics, exclusive to these vehicles – the lock-on feature and two driving modes. They will help you survive even the fiercest battles and successfully confront other vehicle classes.

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