Personal Mission Updates for Patch 1.3

Earlier this year in Update 1.1, the latest set of Personal Missions called “The Second Front.” After looking through feedback, studying the analytics, and considering comments, they have decided that there are some areas that need to be addressed. So with Update 1.3, there are introducing a number of changes for both campaigns including reward improvements and reworked task conditions. When 1.3 drops I will update my mission guides to show these but this is what is coming.

First off, adjustments were made to the first operation of “The Second Front”, which rewards players with the Tier VI British, Excalibur. A total of 23 tasks were changed and all were simplified





For the first campaign only "The Long Awaited Back Up": Missions that relied on platoons have now been reworked also. They will now be made available to solo players and will no longer require a platoon to be made, which has also made the conditions easier.

Checking your progress in the First Campaign has also been made easier to track.

Hopefully this will make your quest for the reward tanks a little less daunting, and as I said, once the patch drops in I will update my guides for you all. Happy hunting and good luck

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