Super Test Leak! IS-2-II

Today Wargaming launch the closed Supertest for the IS-2-II, a Tier VIII Soviet heavy.

The first vehicle in the new two-barreled tank branch, the IS-2-II has several main armament options. Stats-wise, a couple of 100-mm guns is the best. The average damage dealt by each is 300 points; the armor penetration is 221 mm with a basic round and 256 mm with a special one. The gun dispersion equals 0.4 m per 100 m, and the aiming time is 2.8 seconds, with decent stabilization.

The frontal hull armor of the IS-2-II is up to 110 mm thick. The turret protection is much better, with up to 235 mm at the front. To survive and excel in combat, you will have to position this tank right, making the most out of its turret armor and gun depression of –7 degrees. The overall HP pool of the IS-2-II is 1,500 points.

The dynamics of the vehicle is what you would expect from a heavy. The top speed is 34 km/h, with a specific power of 14 hp per ton, and the hull traverse speed is 30 degrees per second. The view range is 350 m.

By its stats, the IS-2-II is a classic heavy, and it’s much like the majority of this class in terms of gameplay. Yet its unusual armament of coupled guns makes a difference here, enabling this tank to dish out a lot of damage in one thunderous salvo.

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