Swedish Mediums Go Into Supertest

New Swedish medium tanks are now entering the Supertest. The Tier VIII and the Tier X ones are fully set up for testing, though their parameters aren’t yet final and are to be checked in the coming battles. The Tier IX tank is still being tuned.

These Swedes’ key feature is their hydropneumatic suspension. It’s like the one employed in top-tier Swedish TDs, but the new medium tanks enter the Siege Mode automatically when their speed drops. This way, their gun depression can reach -13 degrees (which is a lot!).

Also, the new Swedish mediums all have small size and a good alpha. The UDES 15/16 (Tier X) is the newly-minted champion of its class with 460 points of damage. The Swedish newcomers’ mobility is enough not to lag behind the teammates.

When in battle in one of these, try aggressive support tactics. Flank the enemies together with other medium tanks, covering allies and using uneven landscape to deal massive punches curbing the foes’ enthusiasm.

Please take note that the vehicles’ parameters may change depending on test results. Keep following the news and have luck in every battle!

Udes 14 ALT 5

Udes 16 (stats to be confirmed)

Udes 15/16

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