T42 and "The Boys"

For all the show’s fans across the globe, the hugely popular TV series now has a presence on the World of Tanks battlefield. A special package including a brand-new tank, a unique 3D style, two full-roster tank crews, two 2D styles, and more is available in a limited-time offer. If that’s got your attention, take a look at these details:

The T42 - A brand-new Tier VIII Premium tank. 33 tons of pure American steel.

The Big Ride. An explosive 3D style featuring all The Boys’ favourite tools and even some trophies. 2D styles - Bask in the spotlight or remain outlaws? Get all the attention in the world or avoid any publicity? Choose a style that reflects your personality.

The Boys crew. The vigilantes. The villain chasers. The only ones to know the real truth and the guts to act on it.

The Seven crew. A team that “safeguards” the public’s peace and happiness. The heroes. The saviours. Or are they?

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What I like about all of these bundles is that you get 2 crews both with 100% BIA!! Also the 3D and both 2D styles to play around with. Obviously the more you pay, the more goodies you are going to extra.

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