Tank Rewards "Battle Of The Bulge"


"Tank Rewards" is the official World of Tanks rewards program that gives you prizes for playing World of Tanks on PC.

Within this program, we are going to hold events that last for a certain period of time.

With each event, a new set of missions will activate that gives players the opportunity to earn points, which can then be redeemed for free prizes.


Missions usually activate at the beginning of the event and last during the whole event. You can see the mission conditions and the rewards they give on TankRewards.eu or through our monthly overviews on WorldofTanks.eu. By completing them you can earn special points and other in-game property.

Pay attention to the fact that the missions related to the event are not displayed in the World of Tanks game, so you can check whether they are completed or not by checking them on the TankRewards.eu.

Missions change depending on the monthly event, so make sure you keep checking back with us at the start of each event. Once the missions end, you can't earn any more points for that event.


Special Points are earned for the completion of each mission during the event. These points are usually called Tank Rewards Points but they can also have another name for a special event. As you earn points, you unlock new prize tiers that can be redeemed. You can check how many points you currently have at any time on the website.

Remember: each event's points are separate and points for one event cannot be used for another event.


Once a prize tier has been unlocked you can go to TankRewards.eu to select the prize you would like in this tier. You are awarded (1) prize per tier you unlock. These prizes will be credited to your account as soon as you've selected them (a little delay can occur).

Note that after selecting a prize, your points do not change and continue accumulating.

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