The Saltyjedi Alliance Clan is recruiting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the clan/community that got me to where I am today has gone through some changes. To that end, it seemed an appropriate time to leave and set up The Saltyjedi Alliance.

It is a clan based on team ethics and support, whether in platoons, skirmishes, advances or clan wars. The Officers in post are very experienced in running clans on a day to day basis and will help you out in any way they can.

We have a discord server set up for general conversation, platoons and team battles, the link for this is here

We also have a Facebook group where you can find out up to date clan information, post your screen shots or replays, or share your World of Tanks experiences with your clan mates. The link for this is here

To join the clan, log on to the discord server and speak to an officer and discuss suitability, or apply via the portal here

Lastly if you join, let me welcome you to the clan and I hope your stay is enjoyable and successful.


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