The T-50-2 Makes a Comeback, Bringing the Object 432 With It

Today WG are launching the Supertest for a vehicle many veteran tankers still hold dear: The T-50-2. Simultaneously, they will be testing a new Tier VIII Premium light tank: The Object 432.

Let’s begin with the latter. So, what’s the Object 432 like?

The New One: The Object 432

The new Premium tank is quite like the top vehicle of the Soviet light tank branch: low silhouette, great camo, and a hard-hitting weapon (for a light tank). Gameplay-wise, the Object 432 is different from its progression Tier VIII counterpart, the LTTB, being able to combine spotting with damage dealing (while the LTTB is more about active spotting, having better acceleration and view range). At the first stage of testing, the newcomer will carry an 85-mm gun with better stats than those of the LTTB. They are doing this to make the tanks play differently. Then they will see how the 432 goes with a 100-mm cannon. After the test, they will decide on the weapon and final stats. Of course, I'll inform you on the choice they made.

The Т-50-2. No Jokes!

It’s a coveted vehicle, loved by many a tanker. Lots of folks keep a place for it in their hearts and Garages so heed the first info on the return of the old-school Soviet spotter. There’s a good chance it will make a triumphant comeback, provided…well we’ll tell more about the terms some time later. For now, let’s brief those not yet familiar with the T-50-2.

They had lots of reasons to remove it from the game 5 years ago: this tank was ahead of its time and did not fit in the gameplay of that era. Also, it was unique and because of that, it was becoming overly popular. The decision to part with it was a hard (and sad) one. But those days have long passed, and today the T-50-2 is making the first dash back. We mean it: they are really starting the Supertest for the refurbished T-50-2.

What’s It Like?

The new T-50-2 is a highly mobile Tier VI light tank made for active spotting. It also has decent combat efficiency: you can light enemies up, but you can also beat them up, surviving by being agile and compact.

The Supertest stats for the T-50-2 suit the battle tier range for Tier VI light tanks. Let’s see how it rolls! In any case, it’s THAT T-50-2: tiny, fast, and elusive.

“Lock on the railway crossing! Will light it right after the countdown!” If you played 5 years ago, you’ll get goosebumps seeing this in the chat window—when you realize this teammate is commanding a T-50-2. It doesn’t matter that those spotted won’t be dangerous Tier X’s. The T-50-2 will do it in style regardless!

Some day…

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