2 Tracks Not Enough? Well Here's 4

The Object 726: Soviet Durability on Four Caterpillars

The Object 726, a Soviet Tier X heavy entering the Supertest today. It looks fresh and unusual, with hull resting on four caterpillars. The designers of the Object 726 wanted it to traverse difficult terrain with ease while looking mighty cool. The look isn’t the only thing making the in-game version of this monster stand out among other Soviet heavies.

First, the Object 726 has no lower front plate (aka the Soviet tanks’ Achilles heel). At the same time, as the caterpillars are below the hull they lend no protection to the sides.

Second, the gun carried by the 726 is silky smooth compared to what your typical Soviet Tier X is wielding. It has excellent aiming time and good stabilization, and reloads so fast that DPM reaches 2750 points (not counting the Crew and Equipment bonuses). Actually the gun is so good that they can’t wait to nerf it… okay, we’ll at least make sure to check whether it’s hyper-efficient after this round of testing.

The Object 726 has great frontal protection; despite all its quirks and exotic appearance it should still play as a classic Soviet first line heavy. The 726 can handle such tasks as breaking through the enemy defensive lines, holding ground, and dealing with heavily armored adversaries. Among the drawbacks of this vehicle are its limited mobility (a price to pay for supreme firepower and protection), and the gun depression of -5° (quite normal for Soviet tanks but still not very comfortable to play with). As this is the first stage of testing, the Object 726 stats may change in the future. They may even re-think its combat role.

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