Two New HD Maps Enter Supertest

Today Wargaming are starting the Supertest of two maps currently being reworked in HD:

Lost City (or Ghost Town) and Empire’s Border.

You may not be familiar with them because Lost City was previously used for Team Battles, and Empire’s Border was only available in China.

Wargaming will use the Supertest to assess the suitability of these maps for 15v15 random battles. They are also going to check which vehicle Tiers play well here, and gather info on possible problems (with firing positions, respawn imbalance, etc.). Once the Supertest ends, they will then decide whether to bring Empire’s Border and Lost City into Random Battles for all regions, so they are eager to know your opinion on these locations. The best way to do that is through the forums in the portal, or discuss them on my own forum.

Follow the news and may luck shine upon you in every battle!

Lost City Video

Lost City Screen Shots

Empire's Border Video

Empire's Border Screen Shots

 The videos and pictures are produce courtesy of Wargaming.

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