Unboxing 200 Xmas Crates, What Did I Get, Are They Worth It?

I was lucky enough, like other CC's to have been gifted 200 Christmas boxes, 50 from each type. I would just like to point out from the start that I do not advise going and buying 200 boxes yourselves, unless you have the money to do it, as I worked out this would have cost me:

8 x 25 boxes @ £34.21 each = £273.68

or 2 x 75 boxes @ £88.55 each and 2 x 25 boxes @ £34.21 each = £245.52.

HOWEVER, its is your own money to do what you decide with, but for arguments sake, lets say it would have cost me £245.52 to purchase 200 boxes myself. 

Now I will answer the questions are they worth it and is it gambling based on my own opinions and findings. I will offer my opinion if they are worth it later in the article but is it gambling? Well many different people have different ideas about what is gambling, and in my book to gamble means to run the risk of losing something. At no point will you stand to lose anything by buying these Xmas boxes. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T HAVE THE MINDSET TO BUY BOXES IN THE HOPE OF GETTING A SPECIFIC VEHICLE, that would be just stupid. Treat the Winter Ops like a lucky dip as this is all it is. For example, 1 box with cost about £1.70 and you are guaranteed 250 gold as a minimum which costs £1.90. So if you use these as a cheaper way to increase your gold stock - winner. Therefore I do not consider it gambling, and I speak from experience, as I received treatment for a long term gambling addiction a few years ago from which I am now recovered, and if I thought it was, I wouldn't do it!

So to find out if I think the boxes are worth the money, I have to open them. This is what was in my account to start.

0 Gold, 12860610 credits and 231 days of premium account, and after opening all 200 boxes I had received:

1 x E25

6 x Turan PT's

6 x KV 220

4 x M4 Improved

2 x Defender

2 x IS3A

All Four Unique Skin Styles

Simon Claws

I also achieved Level 10 in the garage after 53 boxes opened, so all the discounts, rewards and crew members associated with gaining that.

So when totaling up everything I received: all the premium days, gold (including the compensation for tanks I already owned) and credits  

9.1 Million Credits

134 Premium Days

125290 Gold

To put that in to perspective, if I was to buy all this from the premium shop it would have cost me:

Premium days - 134 = 1 x 90 days @ £23.49 and 3 x 14 days @ £6,29 each

Total £42.36

Credits - 9.1 Million (if I was to convert using purchased 22750 gold) 14500 gold @£42.77, 7500 gold @ £23.49 and 1000 gold @ £3.63

Total £69.89

Gold - 125290 - 4 x 30500 @ £85.55, 1 x 2500 @ £8.52 and 1 x 1000 @ £3.63

Total £354.35

This gives a grand total of what I would have to spend at


The difference of what I received to what I would have had to spend was



£221.08 extra

Those figures seem to speak for themselves! Now there of course many opinions on these boxes, from a totally not worth it, to buying them for a hope of Tier 8 tank or to getting them for the credits gold and premium days. For me personally, this is my hobby and what I do in my spare time. It is not my source of income, nor do I make money from it. This is what I chose to spend my money on. If i hadn't have been gifted these boxes then I would have certainly bought an amount Xmas boxes. Not in the hope of getting a specific tank but for the obvious discounted gold, premium days and credits that I use to play the game.

My advice to you all, and this is probably the most important point,  don't buy the boxes expecting to get a specific out come. As I have said before it is a lucky dip, others say 'gamble' but as I say you are not gambling in my opinion as you are not losing anything. However, this is your money to do with what you chose. I will also say they are worth it, in my opinion based on the credits, gold and premium days you get, plus the ability to get the various decorations and level up your garage for the different bonuses and crew members. 

Finally I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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