Unused Campaign Orders

The Long Awaited Back Up has been running for a number of years now, and I'm sure some of you have unused orders for this campaign. As you know the Second Front also has orders but they are not transferable from the first campaign. I am trying to gain as much information regarding these order to take to Wargaming with the hope of asking if these can be used across both campaigns. For me (and not to brag) I have 20 unused orders from the first campaign and they just sit there redundantly. In my opinion an order is a reward for an achievement, but what good is it if cannot be used? So the more of you that complete these polls, the more data I can give to Wargaming. Thanks in advance, Salty

Click the links below for the polls

How Many Unused Orders Do You Have?

Do You Think Orders Should Be Transferred From Campaign One To Campaign Two?

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