USSR T10 Tanks in SuperTest

Supertest: Shedding the Tarp Covers

New Soviet Tier X tanks revealed: the K-91 and the Object 277

Many tankers wanted to get a peek at two new Tier X tanks in the Soviet tree that are currently under tarpauline covers. Everyone was wondering what they were and when they were going to appear in the game. There’s no more need to guess and/or try to datamine: these vehicles are the K-91 and the Object 277. Both are entering the Supertest today and should become available to you soon—but not in the next update as we have to fine-tune them.

The К-91

This one will top the rear turret MT branch. The K-91 is fast and has great targeting parameters (including the aiming time of 1.9 seconds). The precision allows it to snipe; the record-setting shell speed (1,700 m/sec) and armour penetration (276mm by an APCR round) further boost the long range efficiency of the K-91. Among other peculiarities of this tank are weak armour, limited gun depression (–5°) due to turret positioning, and limited turret traverse (the latter is for balance purposes and may be dropped based on test results).

The characteristics of the K-91 are impressive, but how does it play? Mainly as an ambusher providing fire support from afar; the K-91 is no brawler. Its spotting range (410m) lets the K-91 spot the enemy first, and its camo is fine (only slightly worse than that of Object 430U). Mobility is on par with other Soviet Tier X Mediums, but thin armor makes surviving under enemy fire problematic. Additional obstacle to trading damage at short range is the 180° firing arc of the gun. Mid-range warfare on the K-91 (trying to use its mobility and gun stabilisation) is for the most skilled AND adrenaline-addicted tankers: during the first Supertest stage, only the turret will offer some meaningful protection.

So, while playing on the K-91 you ought to rely on its camo and snipe. Go second-line if your ace feelings are tingling.

The Object 277

​The Tier X is an assault tank, combining mobility with protection. A true successor to everyone’s favourite, the T-10, the Object 277 builds on its strong sides, having better aiming, DPM, and armour penetration parameters. Having a greater alpha and a larger HP pool, this guy can do everything the T-10 can, but better (if you don’t believe us, refer to the infographic at the end).

The protection will be decent: 140mm/112mm/50mm of hull armor, and 290mm/224mm/80mm of turret armor. Keep in mind that the glacis plate is sloped at 60–70°, and the lower front plate (which is 138–170mm thick) at 45–55°.

Like the T-10, the Object 277 is a Heavy/Medium hybrid well suited for countering the enemy at the front line while taking key positions. Hard-hitting and agile, it allows for both aggressive attack play and manoeuvrable defensive play, and for switching flanks if needed. Object 277 will keep its progenitor’s performance-impairing weaknesses, too: gun depression is –5.5°, which doesn’t allow for productive terrain-based play.

The Outline

The fire support ambusher and the assault Heavy will make great additions to the Soviet tree. Still, their tactical roles and technical parameters may yet change after the tests. Also, we are considering a re-balance of the Soviet rear turret MT branch, to make other vehicles more like the new top one. 

Best of luck in your battles!

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