Youtube Tank Review Changes

Hey folks, I just thought I would let you know that from now on my tank reviews and previews will be slightly different. As you know, the battle results in game for Ace, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class achievements are for a certain percentage of exp achieved in battle, with an Ace being better than 99% of others.

I'm sure that everyone enjoys an Ace Tanker replay but does that really show you what you expect to gain from a vehicle? Not everyone can achieve an Ace, so I thought that I would show reviews of 1st and 2nd class battles to show what can be expected from average games by average players like me. So you can see the credits and experience earned on a more realistic level.

Also, I will only give a brief overview of tanks stats, as I think reeling off facts and figures can be enough to make you switch off and not bother watching further, however all reviews will come from my blog where there will be a comprehensive rundown of them all to see in the review.

I hope this will be beneficial to you, and you continue to support me in the epic ways that you do.

See you out there guys!!

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